Moving our search drop down from Algolia to Alpine.js

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So for the search drop down you see on this website, I initially went with Algolia's InstantSearch.js. This was my implementation:

So this isn't too bad, easy enough to understand and manage. However, my production bundle was 227kb (this includes highlight.js, which I am using for code syntax highlighting).

Seeing this, I decided to try out Alpine.js by Caleb Porzio to see if I could reduce my bundle size without sacrificing functionality. Here's the Alpine.js implementation:

A couple things to note:

  • I'm manually calling the Algolia search API.

  • I'm using fetch (without the polyfill) to make the search request.

  • Since there's currently no x-for/loop syntax in Alpine.js, when I receive the search results I join together a string of HTML and then insert that into the DOM. This isn't 100% safe, but I'm the only one in control of the content, so I'm okay with it for now. I wouldn't recommend doing this for scenarios where you do not control the content.

And to top it off, the production build JS is down to 27kb: /js/app.js 27.5 kB

If you want to try a demo of the search component, feel free to check out the search component on this website!

Thanks for reading!

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