Facebook Pixel? Weekly Dev Update - Week 4 | Owen Conti

Facebook Pixel? Weekly Dev Update - Week 4

Published on May 17, 2019 in category Vlog.

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This was a very productive week for me. I'm hoping the momentum continues into next week!

I installed Facebook's Pixel tracker on my website this week. I did it for two reasons:

  • I want to see how accurate Facebook's tracker is versus Google Analytics.
  • In the future, I am planning to run an ad campaign, which the Pixel tracker will help with.

I'll see how it goes for a few weeks and then report back the results!

Here's what I spent my time on this week:


  • Pushed four new releases (up to 0.8.3 now)
  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.8
  • Moved notifiable events to the database
  • Added more notifiable events, up to 13 different events now

If you're interested, you can check out RemoteAuth.


  • Setup new Stripe account for Released
  • Setup initial products and pricing plans for Released in the Stripe dashboard
  • Updated the logo and created a favicon for Released

If you're interested, you can check out Released.


  • New post: Setting up Tailwind 1.0 on a new Laravel project
  • Installed Facebook Pixel to compare Google Analytics against
  • Started new series on debugging errors: What the Error? Starting with React, posted two blog articles, drafted 8 articles total. These will become videos this week.


Next week

  • Develop the web hook integration with RemoteAuth's notifiable events
  • Record at least 2 of the What the Error? series videos
  • Finish and publish 2 more blog articles of the What the Error? series

Thanks for reading!

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