How To Copy Heroku Postgres Database Across Environments

under Devops

Here's a one line command you can use to copy a Heroku Postgres database backup to a database in another environment.

How I use Calenderio to block time and reconcile my Calendars

under Tips

Calenderio saves me time every day by automatically syncing my events and reconciling my calendars for me.

How to use Persistent Layouts with Inertia and Vue 3 Setup Script Syntax

under Vue

Here's a quick way you can support persistent layouts with Vue 3's setup script syntax.

How to Forward Refs with Vue 3 and <script setup>

under Vue

Forwarding refs when using <script setup> in Vue 3 is a bit tricky due to some magic happening behind the scenes

How to add Cloudflare Durable Objects to an environment

under Cloudflare

By default, Cloudflare's Durable Objects are not inherited across environments, here's how you can fix it.

Copying Heroku Environment Variables Across Projects

under Devops

Here's two quick commands you can use to copy Heroku environment variables across projects using the Heroku CLI.

Moving on From CRUD

under Laravel

CRUD-based naming for web applications works, but there's a better way using Single Action Controllers and VerbSubjectType naming patterns.

Caching Laravel HTML With Cloudflare

under Laravel

Laravel's default setup prevents Cloudflare from caching HTML responses.

Logging Messages to Slack Channels with Laravel

under Laravel

Laravel's logging system makes it very easy to system notifications to your company's Slack channel.

Create a Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Workers

under Devops

Here's a quick copy/paste snippet you can use to create a reverse proxy server in Cloudflare.

Temporary Relationship Trait for Laravel

under Laravel

Here's a small trait you can use to access "temporary" relationships in Laravel.

"Where Has All" Functionality in Laravel

under Laravel

Laravel doesn't have a whereHasAll method built in, but here's how you can replicate it yourself.

Failing to start MySQL inside GitHub Actions

under Laravel

If you've recently started running into an issue with MySQL on GitHub Actions, you may need to update your MYSQL_USER variable.

Replacing Laravel Mix with Vite

under Laravel

In this guide, we'll replace Laravel Mix with Vite in a Laravel Jetstream (Inertia/Vue) application.

GitHub Action to Deploy Laravel Vapor Apps

under Laravel

Here's a GitHub Actions file you can use to deploy Laravel applications to Laravel Vapor.