Owen Conti


How To Fix Query Execution Was Interrupted With AWS RDS

under Devops

"Query execution was interrupted" can sometimes be solved by increasing the storage size of your database.

How To Copy Heroku Postgres Database Across Environments

under Devops

Here's a one line command you can use to copy a Heroku Postgres database backup to a database in another environment.

Copying Heroku Environment Variables Across Projects

under Devops

Here's two quick commands you can use to copy Heroku environment variables across projects using the Heroku CLI.

Create a Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Workers

under Devops

Here's a quick copy/paste snippet you can use to create a reverse proxy server in Cloudflare.

Force PHP version during GitHub Actions job

under Devops

GitHub has a set of pre-installed packages with the default containers it provides. Learn how you can override the default PHP version.

My Experience with Netlify Dev After a Couple of Hours of Using It

under Devops

Here's my review of Netlify Dev after a few hours of using it.