Storing and testing encrypted values in Laravel

under Laravel

A couple of open source packages makes storing and testing encrypted database values in Laravel a breeze.

Supporting Dark Mode with SVG Favicons

under CSS

SVG favicons allow you to invert your favicon's color scheme for users that are using dark mode.

MySQL General Log

under MySQL

Let's run through how you can setup and configure the MySQL general log.

Force PHP version during GitHub Actions job

under Devops

GitHub has a set of pre-installed packages with the default containers it provides. Learn how you can override the default PHP version.

How to fix "cannot declare class because the name is already in use" error in Laravel/PHP

under Laravel

This error can happen when you have two of the same class names declared in the same namespace.

Fixing Duplicate ID Errors with typeorm-factory

under TypeScript

You need to pay close attention when creating factories with typeorm-factory.

Building a Search Drop Down Component with Laravel Livewire

under Laravel

Follow along as we build a drop down component with Caleb Porzio's Laravel Livewire.

Connecting to ElastiCache with Laravel when using Encryption In-Transit

under Laravel

If you're using ElastiCache with the Encryption In-Transit setting turned on, you'll need to tweak your REDIS_HOST environment variable when connecting with Laravel

Using GitHub's Gists for embedded code blocks on your Statamic v3 site

under Statamic

You can use GitHub's Gists to embed your code blocks via the Oh See Gists add-on.

How to Fix PHPUnit Splitting Dots onto New Lines

under PHP

Quick tip on how you can fix PHPUnit from splitting test output onto new lines.

Improve the Performance of Laravel Feature Tests using MySQL Instead of SQLite or Memory Databases

under Laravel

Many people use an in-memory SQLite database when running their Laravel feature tests. If you're doing this, chances are you can improve the runtime of your Laravel test suite.

Calling Laravel Seeders from Migrations

under Laravel

Calling seeders from migrations allows you to ensure data referenced by code always exists in your database.

Faking the Queue in Laravel Tests

under Laravel

Here's a quick package you can use to fake the Queue for a specific set of lines in a Laravel test.

Setting Up Dynamic HTTP Redirects with Statamic v3

under Statamic

You can use Statamic's redirect tag plus a custom blueprint to setup dynamic HTTP redirects on your Statamic website.

Using Aliases in Composer to Update Dependencies without a Fork

under PHP

One of the major pain points of updating dependencies is the strict version requirements developers place on their packages.