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GitHub Actions Workflow File for a Laravel Application

under Laravel

The following workflow script can be used as a starting point for building and testing a Laravel application with GitHub Actions.

Signing AWS CloudFront Requests with Laravel

under Laravel

If you upload files to AWS S3 via your Laravel application, but want to restrict access to those files, you can do so using signed requests.

"Nothing was returned from render." ReactJS Error

under React

Let's take a look at how you can fix this common error in React.

My Experience with Netlify Dev After a Couple of Hours of Using It

under Devops

Here's my review of Netlify Dev after a few hours of using it.

5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Your Code Faster

under Tips

Here are 5 keyboard shortcuts you can implement in any IDE to help navigate your code faster.

How to Handle Multiple Events with a Single Listener in Laravel

under Laravel

Laravel provides a simple way to declare event listeners out of the box via the EventServiceProvider class.

"Rendered fewer hooks than expected." ReactJS error

under React

Learn how to fix the "Rendered fewer hooks than expected." error with React Hooks.

"Hooks can only be called inside the body of a function component" ReactJS Error

under React

Let's review the rules of React Hooks, and how you can fix the "Hooks can only be called inside the body of a function component." error.

Laravel Request Logger Snippet

under Laravel

Here's a quick snippet to get HTTP request logging setup quickly in Laravel.

Improving the Performance of your Laravel Queue

under Laravel

Learn how to fix a potential performance problem when serializing models for Laravel jobs.

Laravel Forge Fails to Provision Servers on AWS

under Laravel

There's a common problem when using Laravel Forge to provision servers on AWS.

Deploying a Statamic Site to Netlify Using the Static Site Generator

under Statamic

With Statamic v3, you can generate static sites which means you can deploy to services such as Netlify, AWS S3, Now, etc.

There's No Such Thing as "Weird" in Programming

under Thoughts

Here's one of the first tips I'd give to beginner programmers.