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Productive Alfred workflows for developers

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Before we begin, please note that some of these workflows may be specific to the tools and technologies I use. Even if you don't use these tools yourself, you may still find the workflows can be useful for your daily work.

Also, it is worth noting that I have customized most, if not all, of the keywords for these workflows to make them shorter to type and easier to remember. I recommend you take the time to customize the keywords to what works for you.

That being said, let's get into the list!



I use 1Password as my password manager. There's a workflow created by the Alfred App team to integrate 1Password with Alfred. This workflow will allow you to search for items in your 1Password vault from anywhere on your machine.

To search, you can use the 1p {searchTerm} command:

1Password Alfred workflow

Laravel Forge


I use Laravel Forge to provision and manage Laravel projects that I work on. Although the Forge workflow offers a lot of functionality, I mainly use it to open servers/sites in my browser.

To open a server, use the forge open {server} command:

Laravel Forge Alfred workflow

AWS Console Services


This workflow is very useful for quickly navigating AWS Console services. If you're familiar with the AWS Console, you know that it can be painful to navigate to a specific resource. With this workflow, you can open your browser directly to any resource you wish!

To use the workflow to open an AWS resource, type aws {service} {sub-service} {resource} - for example: aws ec2 instances my-instance:

AWS Console Alfred workflow



Much like the first three workflows, this Datadog workflow is very useful for quickly navigating Datadog. I primarily use it for opening my custom dashboards.

To open a dashboard, use the dd dashboard {dashboard} command:

Datadog Alfred workflow


I have a few different documentation-based worfklows installed. I won't go over each one in detail, but they all do pretty much the same thing: allow you to search documentation for specific technologies via Alfred.

The DevDocs documentation workflow is the most useful one for me. It allows you to search for documentation for any technology available on devdocs.io. The minor caveat is that you need to ensure you add each technology you want to search against.

To search DevDocs, you can type doc {searchTerm}:

DevDocs Alfred workflow



This workflow is very useful for generating fake data. It's a simple workflow that allows you to generate fake data for any field you want.

To generate fake data using the workflow, you can use type faker {field}, the generated data will be copied to your clipboard:

Faker Alfred workflow



If you're a GitHub user (especially for work) this workflow makes opening GitHub repos super easy.

To open a GitHub repo, type gh {repo}:

GitHub Alfred workflow



I haven't found this one to be super useful yet, but I can see it being handy when discussing JIRA issues with peers. Rather than opening JIRA in your browser and then searching for the issue number, you can open an issue directly from Alfred.

To open a JIRA issue, type jiraf {issue} and then use the browse command:

JIRA Alfred workflow

Network Tools


The Network Tools workflow provides a few handy networking tools that you'd otherwise have to open a terminal session for:

  • flush DNS cache
  • ping a host
  • trace route to a host
  • nslookup a host

Networking Tools Alfred workflow

Notion Search


This Notion Search workflow is extremely useful to quickly open Notion documents. I find it difficult to navigate Notion, especially when you're trying to a find a document that you don't know where it exists.

To quickly open a Notion document, type ns {searchTerm}:

Notion Search workflow

PHP Monitor


If you use PHP Monitor (phpmon) to manage your local PHP environment, you can use this workflow to quickly interact with PHP Monitor.

To switch PHP versions, type pm version {version}:

PHP Monitor workflow



This workflow is very useful for quickly opening TablePlus connections. I've found it works best when you have a connection created per database that you want to connect to, that way you can open directly to the specific database.

To open a connection, type tp {connection}:

TablePlus workflow

That is the list of my productivity Alfred workflows as of July 2022. I have a few more workflows installed for various tasks such as interacting with Spotify, checking the weather, looking up synonyms, etc.

Thanks for reading this article!

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