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Using Static HTTP Redirects in Statamic v3

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Statamic includes a built-in mechanism for setting up 301 and 302 HTTP redirects. If you need to setup permanent or semi-permanent redirects (from within config files), you can do so in the config/statamic/routes.php file.

To setup permanent (301 response code) redirects, add the routes to a redirects key:

3'redirect' => [
4 '/old' => 'https://some-external-url.com',
5 '/old-slug' => '/new-slug'

However, if you want to setup a temporary (Statamic calls in "vanity") redirect (302 response code), add the routes to a vanity key:

3'vanity' => [
4 '/temp-url' => '/some-new-temp-url',

If you're looking to setup dynamic redirects that you can manage from within the CMS, check out my post on Setting up dynamic HTTP redirects with Statamic v3.

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