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Escaping Antlers Output in Statamic via the `noparse` Tag

under Statamic

By default, when you output content from a field into a template, Statamic will attempt to run that content through the Antlers templating language. Let's take a look at an example.

Here we have a redirect tag written in the content in Bard field:

2 type: code_block
3 content:
4 -
5 type: text
6 text: '{{ redirect to="{{ redirect_url }}" }}'

Which looks like this in the editor:

1{{ redirect to="{{ redirect_url }}" }}

Now, if your template outputs the field directly, Statamic will attempt to run that code as if it was a part of the template, in other words, it will attempt to redirect the page.

Example default template code:

1<div class="content">
2 {{ content }}

There's an easy way to fix this so Statamic will output the code as plaintext instead of attempting to run it, using the noparse modifier:

1<div class="content">
2 {{ content | noparse }}

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