"Where Has All" Functionality in Laravel

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By default, a whereHas query checks to see that the given relation has at least one row for the given constraint, ie:

1$authorIds = [1, 2];
3Post::whereHas('authors', function ($query, $authorIds) {
4 $query->whereIn('id', $authorIds);

The above query will return posts that were authored by authors with ID 1 or 2. If, however, we want to find the posts that were authored by both authors 1 and 2, we need to change the query to tell Laravel to include posts that return 2 author relation rows when filtered:

2$authorIds = [1, 2];
4Post::whereHas('authors', function ($query, $authorIds) {
5 $query->whereIn('id', $authorIds);
6}, '=', count($authorIds))->get();

The above query tells Laravel to load the posts that have 2 author relation records when the author relation records are filtered by the given array of IDs.

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