Owen Conti


Using GitHub's Gists for embedded code blocks on your Statamic v3 site

under Statamic

You can use GitHub's Gists to embed your code blocks via the Oh See Gists add-on.

Setting Up Dynamic HTTP Redirects with Statamic v3

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You can use Statamic's redirect tag plus a custom blueprint to setup dynamic HTTP redirects on your Statamic website.

Using Static HTTP Redirects in Statamic v3

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Statamic includes a built-in mechanism for setting up 301 and 302 HTTP redirects.

Escaping Antlers Output in Statamic via the `noparse` Tag

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By default, when you output content from a field into a template, Statamic will attempt to run that content through the Antlers templating language.

Deploying a Statamic Site to Netlify Using the Static Site Generator

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With Statamic v3, you can generate static sites which means you can deploy to services such as Netlify, AWS S3, Now, etc.